Campervan Capers

 Campervan Capers

A Couple's First Year

Exploring the World of Campervanning

What do you do when you've got itchy feet but don't want to uproot your life?
Buy a campervan!
At least, that's what this couple did.
After a rather nomadic life, the author settles down with her partner in Cornwall, England.  But, after a number of years, those itchy, old feet want to get on the move again.

On a restless whim, the couple decide to buy a campervan.   It turns out to be a great compromise.  Now they can up-sticks whenever they want without having to completely uproot their lives.
Campervan Capers follows the capering couple through their first year of owning a camper, and blends travel tale with humour whilst also addressing some of the more practical aspects.

Travels are within Britain & include: Wales, Derbyshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall & more.
Includes summary sections: 30 Top Tips for the Novice; Useful Weblinks; and Considerations when Buying a Motorhome or Caravan.
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